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Technologies that'll change the way we work

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Over the course of the next few years, we will see companies investing more time and effort into embracing technologies which will change the way we work. Decisions will be heavily data-driven and therefore workplaces will think quicker and become smarter... and overall, customer experiences will be nothing less than exceptional (in comparison with the past anyway).

Here is a brief look at 3 technologies which I think are very much here to stay!

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

When people think of AI and Automation, the first images that spring to mind are driverless flying vehicles and talking robots! However, AI is very much a modern phenomenon and everyday word; no longer reserved for the multinational corporations and tech giants of this world. AI and automation tools can be increasingly accessed by small to medium sized companies. There are a host of AI tools entering the market that can be used by start-ups and small businesses, which will help to improve cost-efficiency, provide better customer services and ensure that marketing and branding is competitive (or at least better than it would be otherwise).

The businesses we speak to have either implemented, or plan to implement AI as part of their strategy for the future. Whether this is by using chatbots to handle customer queries, implement AI software to improve SEO and Content Marketing, improve the UX of their platforms, or even streamline HR administration, companies are embracing the technology. The benefit of using AI and automation is that it often limits errors and improves effectiveness, as well as allowing humans to get on with doing what they do best; being creative, thinking critically… and interacting with other humans!

Cloud technology to Edge Computing

Everything from streaming films and videos, storing your online purchases, sharing content and safeguarding your data is now stored… in the cloud!

We have already seen the benefits of how cloud computing allows companies to store huge amounts of data, which can be stored safely, accessed remotely and analyzed with more ease. Cloud technology is evolving though, and with the introduction of 5G, the growth of IoT and the emergence of Edge Computing, companies can now deliver stored data and access real-time raw data much faster, whilst analyzing immediately and producing lightning fast results with incredible accuracy. Whilst still very much in its infancy, more devices are becoming inter-connected and we should see companies embrace the movement, which will in turn bring a lot of rapid innovation to the workplace. Companies quick to embrace Edge Computing will be able to make critical business decisions closer to the source... and therefore scale with more efficiency, become more versatile and deliver a faster, more seamless experience for their customers.

Augmented Reality

George Lucas was pretty good at bringing the future to life in 1977 when he famously staged R2-D2 playing a hologram of Princess Leila in Star Wars! Now, Augmented Reality (AR) is very much present in our lives and here to stay!

Mainly through mobile solutions, companies are tapping into AR in order to better sell or educate their customers. Many retailers are already embracing AR so that customers can browse their platforms and digitally “try on” clothes and trainers to see how they look before purchasing. Designers and architects can layer custom made products or features onto walls or give virtual tours of locations. AR is improving our capacity to conceptualize, bettering our understanding of how things work and is also be used to up-skill employees.

So there we have it, just a few technologies that I think will change businesses and become seamlessly integrated with the way we work, as well as the way we live our everyday lives!

Cover image: Pexels


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