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Strive for consistent growth, not exponential one

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

When you’re building a business, it’s exciting to imagine what exponential growth could do for you – the kind of spike that sends your sales skyrocketing and raises your company to a whole new level. However, for various reasons, this type of growth can be complex.

Exponential growth can be challenging to adjust to, maintain, and plan for with any accuracy. On the other hand, incremental expansion is ideal for long-term business growth since it establishes a solid base from which to expand, utilizing consistent testing and optimization to streamline the scaling-up process.

Here’s why you should strive for incremental development in your business and how to accomplish it effectively.

Your measures determine your objectives – Incremental growth aims for consistent month-on-month gains on your existing metrics rather than pursuing an external object that may be impossible for your company.

This data-driven strategy enables you to define and achieve realistic goals that align with your company’s needs and capability while also continually presenting new targets to strive towards.

As you progress, you will have more opportunities to adjust – Growth may be as tricky as it is thrilling – do you have the resources in your team to handle the extra sales? Are your systems capable of handling an increased volume of product returns, complaints, and general inquiries? The incremental expansion allows you to gradually build up your business systems and procedures, adjusting proactively rather than reactively as you go.

In terms of digital marketing, incremental growth allows you to optimize and modify your plan while also reducing your budget and boosting efficiency across your accounts so that your revenue grows as you expand up.

Your long-term growth is more sustainable – A company that has expanded gradually can build stronger foundations and more efficient systems, allowing it to scale more sustainably and avoid the cycle of boom and bust that can accompany too-rapid growth.

How digital marketing achieves incremental growth – Setting incremental growth targets entails steadily improving your KPIs by percentage points month after month. While these advantages may appear minor at first, they compound and gather pace over time, leading to significantly more significant long-term growth.

The four pillars of incremental growth are as follows:

1. Constant optimization monitoring Track and analyze your digital performance to identify areas for improvement. These changes can boost the efficacy and efficiency of your marketing, with the benefits compounding as your company grows.

2. Mobility and testing Test various components of your digital campaigns to fine-tune your strategy and creativity, as well as to increase your ROI and conversion rate. Continue to be mobile to make changes based on data and to seize possibilities for growth as they arise.

3. Long-term growth planning Set long-term growth aspirations to work toward, measured monthly in increments, rather than working from short-term goal to short-term goal. Significant growth will be evident over time once the plan has had a chance to gain traction.

4. Consistency is essential You can’t just turn the tap on and off with this method – it takes consistency and patience to build your firm gradually, taking what works and optimizing what doesn’t, to see significant long-term growth.

What could your company accomplish with constant, incremental growth?

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